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Please back at the Retailer Pledge level for the Sweet Mess Kickstarter campaign to submit your $100 deposit.

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Your order will include a Retailer Pack and all associated stretch goal items only. For example, if you do not order the Christmas Gifts & Goodies Expansion, you will not receive the added stretch goal content for that expansion. Retailer Pack: Exclusive promo cards, countertop signage (if requested), and a free playmat and set of metal coins for store demo* Pricing & Shipping for each SKU: (You will receive a free demo copy of any expansion when ordering 17 or 23 units of that expansion.) *Shipping prices are for your whole order. 40% off MSRP - 6 units - US $15, Can/Aus/NZ $20, RoW $25 45% off MSRP - 12 units - US $10, Can/Aus/NZ $15, RoW $20 45% off MSRP - 17 + 1 free demo* - US $10, Can/Aus/NZ $15, RoW $20 50% off MSRP - 23 + 1 free demo* - US Free, Can/Aus/NZ $10, RoW $15 Prices listed as MSRP
(includes free Ice Cream Pack + Recipe Race + Solo game by Jonathan Gilmour) *Ice Cream Pack NOT going into distribution
(5th player + 2 co-op games by Jonathan Gilmour) *NOT going into distribution
*Distribution not a certainty
*Distribution not a certainty
*Distribution not a certainty
Quantity x36 - color enamel on one side + concaved design
Neoprene 21"x 21" playmat
Included in Retailer Pack, if requested.
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