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Pirates of Praedonia

In a world of vast seas and magical wonders, pirates and traders alike share the open waters in an effort to become the most renowned Captain of Praedonia. Travel from port to port as you buy and sell mystical artifacts, vying to fill your vessel with endless treasure. Will you exploit piracy to grow your riches, terrorizing land merchants in your wake? Do so at your own risk, for the Fleet of Nimbus pursue vile pirates and offer bounties for their capture.

In Pirates of Praedonia, 2 to 5 players decide whether to give in to piracy or to navigate the realm with honor. But whichever path you choose, beware! Spawned from the mysterious Shadow Reef lurks a nearby evil...the dreadful Dark Water! Players represent Captains who will navigate their ships to make the most out of the ever-changing market. Artifacts, and their going rates, change from round to round. Buy the available artifacts at a low price so you can turn the most profit. Don't have enough Aurum shards to purchase all you want? Plunder them! But in doing so you will attract the Fleet of Nimbus and other players who will want the bounty for your capture! Hire crew, equip cannons, and upgrade masts if you want to stand a chance in such cutthroat seas. If you fail in the dice-driven combat, you will lose your precious goods. Whether merciful or ruthless, only the most cunning Pirate will rule the islands of Praedonia.

Pirates of Praedonia is a 2017 PAX South Tabletop Indie Showcase  winner!

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Gardens of Mars

The conditions on Mars are no longer suitable for many of your fellow alien species from around the galaxy. Mars needs your help. Secret missions have been formulated to show you the most efficient planting methods for this initiative. Use your unique skills to give you an edge in their completion. If you do, you could have ultimate gardening glory. Will your efforts be known for restoring the fate of this planet? Will you bring your species the glory to last eons?

Gardens of Mars is a dice-drafting abstract strategy game with unique player powers and secret missions for 2 to 5 players. During the game, players take turns drafting dice and strategically planting flowers that have been drawn randomly during setup. As you plant flowers, you will score Glory Points based on how and where you plant them. Planting flowers adjacent to flowers of the same family grants cumulative Glory Points. While completing Secret Missions grants even more. The player who has the most Glory Points when a player’s last flower is planted is the winner of the game. Try your hand at alien floriculture and prove that you have what it takes to save Mars.

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